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Wondering if sezane is Reliable? We have gathered detailed information about their delivery services , Global Locations & the founder and band Quality .

Sezane , a bag yelloe bag from seane website
A bag from Sezane

Hi , welcome to Africanhotspot , the no 1 platform for your online reviews . Today we will be discussing the trending brand Sezane, we made in-depth research about this product  . Therefore, we have gathered enough information about them.

Therefore, Below is what should be looking out for after going through this post .

  • The founder of Sezane
  • The founding Year
  • Goal of Seazane
  • The products the sell
  • Are their Products reliable ?
  • How Sezane operate
  • How to Order
  • Their Location globally
  • Where they are produced
  • The Quality of their Products
  • Organization owned by Sezane
  • How to order their products
  • Review by customers Who have used Sezane products.
  • Conclusion


The global digital brand sezane is owned by an innovative Lady named Morgane sézalory , in addition, she was born to  the Morgans family alongside two sisters Nina & Olivia.

Also , She passed High School Diploma as a free agent, the year before she came up with the idea of Sezane.


New Sezane US


Morgane Sélzalory built her brand through the online platform called e-bay .

This is her story; After her high school diploma, her sister who she was living withmoved to London for resettlement, she left 3bags of clothes . So , sézalory picked them up and amended the areas that needed amendment.

Subsequently , She took good photos of them and published it on e-bay , in a shirt period  all the items were purchased. As a result of the progress,.She was very happy due to the money she realized from the three bags of cloths. Therefore, she was encouraged and continued selling more products on EBay for some years before she  expanded to her personal brand Sezane in 2013 . which was formed from her first name & last name respectively.



The goal of sezane was stated clear in the founder interview on Harpsbazaar , her sincere response to the  interview explained the main goals of her digital brand.

Also ,According to her, the goal is to make sure all their products & materials are eco-friendly & Organic ( made of natural Materials). furthermore, They want to build one of the biggest digital fibre & Fashion Platform in the world .

In the same vein , they deal with eco-friendly Materials like Organic cotton, their materials are certified & – 61% of their leather are vegetable tanned & chrome-free .

Above all, they want to become one of the global digital fashion company .



They Focus mainly on female wears , ranging from sweaters , Shoes , tops  , knitwear , skirts , assorted gowns , hand bags  , shoes etc .

Furthermore , they have recorded over (thousands) sales of materials since 2013 . Below are some samples of what the kind of materials the deliver .


Blue top from Sezane
Sezane top




According to a survey conducted on their products in 2019 , out of Their 86 different materials  which were screened , 84 came out to be original eco – friendly Materials , Organic & chrome – free .

Therefore, their models are produced in Europe and other locations because,  they source Organic materials from around the world. Based on expertise , working condition and production capacities .

Secondly ,The modernity of their acteliers is a very important element of their choice. That’s while they are taking over France and united states , China and London market.



Sezane delivers to almost all the continents , Although, this is determined by the amount of products you purchse [as of 2019 , In addition, they deliver to United States only if the order is more than £200. Just like Jumia , AmazonJji.ngEBay and other online ordering digital shops , there  shop is always open online 24/7 .




How to Order a product on Sezane. Firstly, Navigate to > scroll around the website to see different products in their store . secondly, to get a particular product you might as well want to , search the particular name or category of the product for easier exploration .

Thirdly, select the colour of the product you want > fill in address & country correctly > Then , input your payment details and order .
Note : Check country specification before ordering .

Most importantly, Their products are ussually packed in beautiful recyclable materials with a personalized tag /sticker attacked to each parcel , which contains the details of the buyer.



Below are the countries they can be found currently ,


Sezane building in London

Their Opening hours – Tuesday to -Saturday 10 : 30 am to 06:30 pm
– Sunday 11:00 am to 06 pm.

Furthermore , On their Website it’s  stated clearly that, delivery & return  is free to the UK for orders over £200.




This is Sezane office building in New York,US.
Sezane office in New York

However, Discover their different class of  products like knitwear ,leather peices and shoe’s & gifts Cards .

New Opening Hours:
Monday — Tuesday: they are closed Wednesday — Saturday: 11 am to 6 pm .



Sezane, Lille , this is the interior view of Sezane office in Lille, France .
Sezane office in Lille, France.5 rue Papassaudi, Aix en Provence .

Their LILLE conveyance agents deliver and return products. furthermore, they repair products too .

Opening hours
11: 00 am to 7:00 pm

Note : These are the verified location of SEZANE, addresses are on the images respectively .





In 2019 , Sezane opened the door for customers to explore some of their production sites. Which is listed below .

Expertise – Leader Materials
Location – Porto
Their artelier Manager : Mrs Ana
Partnership date  : 2013

Expertise — Leather production
Location – Porto
Their Artelier Manager : Marco
partnership date : 2015

Expertise – Silk
Location : Zhejiang
Artelier : Vivian
Partnership date : 2015

Expertise – weaving
Location : Sofia Area
Their artelier Manager : Diana
Partnership Year : 2014


Expertise  – Cotton & Embroidery
Location  – New Delhi
Their Artelier Manager: Shubhi
 Partnership date : 2015




a photo of a white lady wearing a white Sezane gown
Sezane gown

Their classical products are Ethical and make of Organic Materials. Moreover, their CEO once said that their aim is to PRODUCE materials that will last a lifetime For their customers secondly, they hire professional Employees .

Will I recommend it ? YES . give them a try, their products are Great .



A customer , made a review about them , maybe you should check what she had to say below , according  her the cloths she ordered where oversize, although, the summary of the review is . firstly, thethe clyjs that they delivered where oversize . Secondly, the cloths didn’t suit her taste. Furthermore, these are cloths she got  from Sezane, check photos

"Sezane cloth






In conclusion,

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