Difference Between MTN Pulse and mPulse for Africans and Nigerians

Is MTN pulse and mpulse the same or is their difference between MTN pulse and mPulse?

MTN users often mistake this Two tarrif plans. Actually they are two different prepaid tarrif plans that has a similar name and little similarities respectively.


MTN pulse has Dominated other MTN prepaid tarrif plans over the past two years, this is because of its features.


According to researches, MTN pulse is mostly used by bloggers and YouTubers in Nigeria and other African countries as a result of their night subscription plan.


Following the Success of MTN pulse tariff plan, MTN introduced a new plan called mPulse, which has left its users in a confused state.

This article will explain MTN pulse & mPulse in details, the difference and benefits of each plan respectively.

You will as well learn how their migration codes and how to effectively use each plan. Lets start with MTN pulse. 


MTN Pulse

This prepaid tarrif plan offers its users the opportunity to enjoy 11.26k/sec Flat rate for calls to all the networks in Nigeria, ( MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat etc) in the first minute of every call you make .

Note – You can only enjoy 11.26k/sec in the first 60 seconds, after which you will be charged 25.6k/sec through out the call.

Furthermore, MTN pulse offers sumptuous / exciting Data plans. Basically if you make use of more data, MTN pulse is arguably the best plan for you as an MTN user.

Their night plans is considered the main reason why most Nigerians use MTN pulse.

The plan offer you the opportunity to buy 250MB at the rate of 25naira, 500MB at the rate of 50naira, which you can use between (11:00pm to 6:00am).

And other tempting data plan bundles which are listed below, (Regular data plans)


MTN pulse Dialy data plans( 24hr plans)

1. N50 for 40MB ( daily plan)
2. N100 for 100MB (dialy plan)
3. N300 for 1GB ( dialy plan)
4. N100 for 350MB ( for Instagram and Tik-tok only )
5. N200 for 200MB ( 3 days plan)
6. N500 for 2GB ( days plan)
And other daily plan available on MTN pulse.


MTN pulse weekly plans

1. N200 for 1GB ( Instagram and Tik-Tok only)
2. N300 for 350MB ( weekly plan)
3. N500 for 1.5GB ( weekly plan)
4. N500 for 750MB ( 2 weeks plan)
5. N1,5000 for 6GB ( weekly plan)
Including other amazing weekly plans.


MTN pulse Night Data plan ( Nightlife bundles)

1. N25 for 250MB ( 11:00pm – 6:00am )
2. N50 for 500MB ( 11:00pm – 6:00am )
Note – You can only use 1GB data per night.


MTN pulse Monthly Data plans

1. N1,000 for 1.5GB
2. N1,500 for 3GB
3. N2,000 for 4.5GB
4. N5,000 for 20GB
Note – All the plans last for a month.


Special Data bundles

1. N1,200 for 4GB + 2GB youtube night plan ( monthly plan)
2. N2,000 for 9GB + 4GB youtube night plan (monthly plan)
3. N5,000 for 40GB ( monthly plan)

Note – These plans come once in a while, you can only get this opportunity not more than 5times in a month.

On MTN pulse, You will also get free 10MB/20MB on every first recharge of a new week.


MTN pulse points

Furthermore, you can accumulate points when you buy data on the plan. For instance, When you buy data of N100, you will receive 5 points. You can exchange your points for data.

Above are the popular data Plans you will get in MTN pulse. Having explained the benefits of this plan. How can you Migrate to (join) MTN pulse?


How to Migrate to MTN pulse

You can join this MTN pulse tarrif plan in three ways which I will be explaining below.

To Migrate to MTN pulse, text 406 to 131 Or Dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

OR Logon to https://Mymtn.com.ng >> input your phone number >> input your OTP and click ‘Proceed’ >> On the top right corner, tap your name >> click “My Plan” >> click MTN Pulse. ( select other plan if you didn’t see MTN pulse in the first menu).
Let’s now talk about mPulse. 


MTN mPulse

Mpulse is a very good tarrif plan organized by MTN mainly, for students between the age of 9 – 15 years. To help them maximize their online activities with less expenditure.

This plan has two categories namely : mPulse website and mPulse tarrif.

What are the benefits and features of mPulse Tarrif plan? below is the features you will enjoy.


Benefits of mPulse (Tarrif)

1. Data bonuses on every recharge
2. Free Whatsapp bonus on first recharge in  every month.
3. 15.36k/sec Calls rate to all networks in    Nigeria (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat etc)

4. Sms rate of N4 to all network.


Benefits of mPulse website

If you register on mpulse website, you will get :
1. 30MB data on your first visit to the website.
2. 1.2GB for ₦150, and 350MB for ₦50. (Special data plan on mPulse WEBSITE Only)
3. Parents can transfer Data / airtime to their children via mPulse website.
4. N200 airtime on your birthday.
Most importantly, children between the age of 9 – 15 years gets the chance to participate in the ongoing MTN mPulse spelling bee competition.


How to join mPulse

Text mPulse to 131 or Dial *344*1# or dial *123*2*3# or through website mtnonline.com/mPulse.


How to join the mpulse spelling bee competition.

To Sign up, navigate to their website mtnonline.com/mpulse.

Select the mPulse Spelling Bee through dropdown menu, register and play the tutorials/preparation which prepares for the spelling bee proper. Then wait for the next spelling competition. How to join the mpulse spelling bee competition.


In summary

The major difference between MTN pulse and mPulse is that.

1. MTN pulse is mainly for people that use more data while mPulse is mainly for teenagers although, mPulse gifts Data and airtime too but the data rate of MTN Pulse is better.

Secondly, Another difference between MTN and mPulse is the absense of the nightlife data bundle. This feature has made MTN pulse the most used prepaid Tarrif plan till date.

On the other hand, mPulse offers teenagers what other plans can barely offer. Therefore each plan is unique in its own way.

The spelling bee empowers students and also the plan includes parental guidiance.


The bottom line is that, everyone has his/her own choice. If you are already using one of the prepaid plans, please share your experience / problems with us. We love to learn and interact with our readers.


If this article was helpful, share it with others and don’t forget to check out  other articles on our website.

Thanks for reading.

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