Top 10 nigerian Pranksters

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 Nigerian pranksters. it will interest you to know that the comedy industry is metamorphosing into a more detailed and rissky form. Pranking is currently the reigning type of comedy in Nigeria. Below is the top list of prankk lords in Nigeria.


10. Flowerboy comedy

flowerboy comedy

Ik Robson Bassey is a Nigerian Comedian and Entertainer born on March 29th,1999.  Known as flowerboy the king of Calabar comedy. He is known for his loyalty prankk on social media. Ik Robson is a close friend to Untouchable comedies.


9. Prince Dstn

prince dstn

Destiny Prince known as Mazi Okeke and Prince Dstn in the Entertainment industry. Prince Dstn has been featured in videos of popular comedians like Mr Funny1 (Sabinus), JnrPope, xploitcomedy and others. He is good Prankers who is known for breaking people’s relationships through his famous prankks. Recently his Benz was smashed because of a prank he pulled on his friend.


8. I’am Cartoon boy


He is one of my favorite comedian in Nigeria, his prankk videos are always risky but he sure knows how to do his thing. His prankk videos make people fall and get angry unnecessarily. Much is not known about him but Nigerians surely enjoy his comedies.


7. De General Comedy

de general comedy

Sunday Joshua Martins popularly known as De General”, is a Nigerian comedian, social media influencer, content creator, generosity Prankster, and entertainer who goes by the Instagram name @iam de-general.

With his witty and funny comedy skits, he became known as one of the best Nigerian social media comedians to keep an eye on. He is known for helping strangers with huge sum of money by testing their level of generosity. He has over 3.5 million and 1.1 million followers on FB and Instagram respectively.


6. Teaser Prank


Nigerian Prankk lord teaserprank is a well-known prankster who has his very own way of prankking people in the streets. He is known for his famous f@ke cucumber prankk, annoying prankks on strangers, and other rissky prankks. His most dangerous prankk is the scenario where he pranked a soldier and got beaten. He has over 700k Facebook fans and 120k Instagram followers.


5. Mc Reality

mc reality

Olorunyomi Doyin Abiola popularly known as MC Reality, is a Western Nigerian comedian on Instagram and YouTube, a comedy skit maker, and a Nollywood actor. The Comedian who emerged winner of the indomie belle full challenge is known for his style of prankk on ladies. He has over a 2.4million followers on Facebook


4. Sonia Official 


SonialOfficial is a prankster that is quickly rising to fame in Nigeria. She began her career officially in 2021. Her prankks are aimed at relationships. With her numerous loyalty prankks, She has fished out cheating partners and broken numerous relationships. She has over 370k followers on Facebook and 1500 followers on Instagram.


3. iamtrinity guy


Abdullahi Maruff Adisa is a popular northern Nigerian prankk comedian who goes by the name “iamtrinity guy.” He is a prankster who acts out his own jokes to make people angry or scared. He treats people so badly to make his fans laugh, which is a very risky way to be funny. Trinity became famous in 2020 during the covid19. He is known for removing girls’ wig, Making random people afraid9. He has over 2 million followers on Facebook and over 400k followers on Instagram.


2. Machi Gold Pranks


Daniel Onyemaechi widely known as Machi Gold is a popular eastern Nigerian prankster, comedian and content creator. Machi Gold became famous through the funny prankk videos and comedy skits he posts on his social media accounts. Daniel Onyemaechi is very attractive, creative, talented, and is good at pulling pranks. His exciting content on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube always makes his fans happy. Machi Gold Prankk is a creator who posts regularly on social media. His pranks include running away without paying, fakke ste@ling, pretending to have a fractured body, and many more.

His most popular prankk video is when he visited YABATECH did a prankk on several students by pretending to pick their pockets. He has over 1.5 million followers on Facebook and over 400k followers on Instagram.


1.  Untouchable comedies

Untouchable comedies

Nigeria’s fast-rising comedians. Born in the 1990s and bred in the eastern part of Nigeria Enugu State to be precise, he regularly releases high quality and Risky Prankks. Untouchable Comedies has over 3.4 Million followers on Facebook and 215k followers on Instagram. Untouchable comedies. His Prankks has broken many relationships and also saved many from unhealthy relationships. It has also helped a lot of people financially. He has pranked popular celebrities like Small daddy, destiny etiko and others. He Tops this list as the best Nigerian prankk Lord.


Who is your favorite Prankk Lord?

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