Best forums in Nigeria (2021) | No.5 will shock you.


Forums in recent years has become one of the dominant online platforms in the world although it seems to be rare in Nigeria.

So, recently I stumbled on a heated argument on Twitter, about the top 10 forums in Nigeria.

As a passionate writer, i was urged to conduct an in-depth research and analysis on all Nigerian forums .

To make my research an informative and in-depth one; I sparked up discussions/arguments on 9 different social media platforms and forums.


Also, I hit up my Google search engine. In addition, I utilized my google-trends and rankings respectively . Alongside  online questionaires that I forwarded to some popular bloggers in Nigeria.

After 2 weeks of documentation and forum hunting , I came out with the best forums in Nigeria currently. However, it’s adviceable that you study this entire article for in-depth knowledge of the criteria used in picking these top 10 forums in Nigeria.


CRITERIA Used in Selecting

(The Best forums in Nigeria)

To make the selection process clear and transparent , below are the factors put into consideration before choosing the current Best forums in Nigeria in 2021.

  • Users : firstly, I analyzed the total number of user’s in each forum .
  • Activeness: the participation/engagement of the members in each forum.
  • Forum traffic. I used Alexa Ranking to document the total traffic each website gets per 90 days.
  • Service provided : Furthermore, I also studied the rate at which each forum helps / solves its users problem because that is actually one of the main goals of joining any forum.

Note: I didn’t Consider the age of any of the forums because some forums has been around for some time but couldn’t reach its potential . Therefore, this compilation is strictly Based on the quality of each forum .



For the sake of those who don’t understand what a Forum is. Basically, a Forum is a platform where the members/Users get the opportunity to air their views and opinions.

In the same vein , members of a Forum has freedom to publish articles based on their expertise. For Example, Business ideas, political views, handwork , educational qualifications etc.

However, forum admins have the arbitrary power to mute , ban , remove , delete or decline any Member/ post that does not go in-line with their rules and regulations .

Therefore, it’s adviceable to read the rules of every forum before participation to avoid breaching their policy .



There are good forums that actually helps Nigerians especially in getting jobs. Likewise, many things you stand to gain from Forums are education , technological knowledge, trending news,  lifestyle and scholarship etc. This compilation consists of the top 10 Forums in nigeria .


1. Nairaland

Nairaland forums
Nairaland Forum


Hopefully, almost everyone knows or have heard about Nairaland forum . This amazing forum has proven to be the best above all forums in Nigeria, not only in Nigeria but the best in Africa too.

In 2017 , it ranked among the top 3 Forums in The world behind and digital Nairaland focuses on Niches like politics and entertainment although it also houses other amazing niches Like crime , Romance , job / vacancies, business properties, health, travel , family , culture , religion,food , diaries, agriculture, Fashion, sports, computer, technology market etc.

The forum also has a mouth watering 2,689,000 members and 6,334,574 topics which makes it the top among the Best forums in Nigeria.

  • Owner : Nairaland was created by a Suen Osewa (Yoruba) , according to him, he created the forum to bring Nigerians together.
  • Founding date – 2016
  • Alexa Ranking – 803


2.  Naijapals Forum

Naijapals homepage


Coming behind Nairaland is Naijapals . It was created in 2008. The owners aim was to create a platform that will enable nigerian citizens to equally participate in national building, by participating in political and entertainment discussion.

Although, naiajpals later evolved to Gistmainia (the parent Website) in 2012. As a result of the rate of interest Which Nigerians were showing on the platform.

Currently, naijapals houses niches Like movie streaming , music download and public discussions.

For some years it has managed to retain the number 3 spot behind Gistmainia which links directly to it . Therefore, I merged Gistmainia and naijapals Together on this list .

Naiajpals unlike most Platform generates it revenue from advert placement . According to them , they have 8 writers spread across Nigeria, Texas , UK & United States. The forum has maintained This spot in the Best forums in Nigeria for a long time.

  • Owner : Undisclosed
  • Founding date : founded in 2008
  • Alexa Ranking : 22,682 .


3.  NigerianBulletin Forum

Nigerian bulletin homepage / Best Forums in nigeria
Nigerian bulletin


Just like Nairaland , Nigeria bulletin opens doors for political views and entertainment stories . Currently they are pulling arguably the best forum interaction behind nairaland .

One special thing about it is the forums ability to give nigeria / users the opportunity to show their agitative nature Without restriction .

Due to activeness of the forum,the members/ users should be around 700k or even more (room for Correction)

  • Owner: undisclosed
  • Founding Date : Unknown
  • Alexa Ranking : 271,680


4.  GurusLodge Forum


Guruslodge is a Very active forum that focuses on technology. Since technology is taking over the world, Guruslodge provides detailed and background information about smartphones, windows and androids .

However, they are currently Adding Bitcoin and forex guides to their forum . In summary, The quality of information on this forum earned it the number 4 spot in best forums In Nigeria.

  • Owner : Undisclosed
  • Founding Date : unknown
  • Alexa Ranking : 2,364,985



5.   The Koji Forum

The Koji forum logo
The Koji forum

As I mentioned earlier , the Koji forum was created This Year ( 2021). The Koji forum provides free basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging tips, YouTube tutorial videos, Backlink building etc.

In online marketing Niche, the Koji forum is gradually taking over the African market .

In addition, come next year, the Forum might as well compete globally. Because, it’s gradually becoming the best blogging guide forum for almost every Blogger that comes across it .

Most importantly , members of the forum share quality blogging tips for free. Also ,the Global ranking of the Forum speaks for it too and others forums in Nigeria should watch out for it.

  • Owner : Koji Agudah
  • Founding date : 2021
  • Alexa Ranking : 170,734


6.  Nigerian Creative Talent          Forum (NCT)

This is the home page of Nigerian Creative Talent Forum
NCT Forum 

Nigerian creative talents forum is probably the first technology talent hunting forum in Nigeria. It’s a community that Educates it’s members about technology and the users in return Share their opinions and exchange technological ideas .

  • Owner: Unknown
  • Founding year : 2016
  • Alexa Ranking : 1,138,763


7.   Early  Face Forum

Early face forum homepage
Early face forum

Earlyface forum , is just like a radio station, in the sense that, it provides the latest Nigerian happenings . One thing that sets this forum apart from others is that ; it has categories like relationship, education and tutorials that basically enhance the knowledge of the members / Users .

  • Owner : Unknown
  • Alexa Ranking : 1,416,2478.


8. Wapforum

Wapforum is a community that enables it’s members to share their opinion on the trending issues especially in nigeria. In addition to that, they also discuss technology .

Another category in the forum includes tips on how to make money online . My personal remark about this forum is “Elite forum” . although it’s becoming continuously inactive this days.

  • Owner : Undisclosed
  • Alexa Ranking : 175,857


9.   NgStudents Forum



Ngstudents forum is a run-to forum for Nigerian students and educators. It focuses solely on education related news, like admissions,jamb , university news, waec , strike actions etc.  Although its users don’t publish on the forum, but the conversation section is truly more than a forum post . Above all, their news letter section is very resourceful too. That’s The reason why, they are solidly amon the best forums in Nigeria.

  • Owner: Undisclosed
  • Alexa Ranking : 8,579,807


10.   Talk Africa Forum

Talk Africa Forum homepage
Talk Africa Forum

Closing this list is talkafrica forum. Tagged Nairaland twin because if it’s identical look with Nairaland. It is a forum that focuses on general African trending news in politics , entertainment, education , sports etc. It’s Also becoming popular in Nigeria.

  • Owner : Unknown
  • Alexa Ranking : 2,662,263


Conclusion on the Best forums in Nigeria

This list will be updated frequently according to the performances and emergence of new Forums . Consequently, I will keep an eye on forums henceforth . So, you can always check this article from time to time.


Meanwhile, these are other forums you should probably check out for that might climb into the list of best forums in Nigeria

AskNaij – Interaction forum

Jackobian – Bitcoin & Tech forum

Hopenigeria – political forum

ForumNG – Nigerian discussion Forum

NigerianmessageBoard Forum. General abroad scholarship discuss Forum. ( this Forum Deserved the 8 place but due to some factors encountered in the forum;  it didn’t but it’s a Very Educative forum .


Is there any Forum that deserves a spot on this list ? Let us know about it in the comment section . Follow us on all Social Media Platform @Africanhotspot .

Thank you.

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