Leaf LZZ Obituary – Demise: Brooklyn-Based Rapper Leaf LZZ Shot on Decatur Street, Burlington

Leaf LZZ Death came as a shock as The music industry mourns the loss of Brooklyn-based rapper Leaf LZZ, The rapper who was tragically shot on a fateful Sunday night in Burlington, Vermont gave up.

This came as surprise and has made a many sad as tributes pour in. The Untimely demise has left many asking question about the cause of his demise.


Who is Leaf LZZ?

Looking into the life of Leaf LZZ  who was born as Khalif M. Jones. He was a rising star in the rap world globally having released many rap tracks that has made way into limelight.

He is Known for his vibrant energy and different sound, the rapper created a personalized sound as he wanted to be distinct in the world of music that is populated with music stars and many genres. Leaf LIZZ His raw talent and dedication to his craft earned him a dedicated following, His sound was one to behold.


What was the Cause of Leaf LZZ Death?

Leaf LZZ’s death is allegedly linked to a drug-related crime. According to some evidence, rumors has it that the rapper and Smith Jr. were shot with a firearm in the room where their lifeless body was found.

No conclusion has been made yet but Smith Jr is among the top suspects in the case. The police is still investigating his personal life as well as the sorrounding here the incident occurred to ascertain what rraaly transpired.


What happened to Leaf LZZ? That night

Reports from wuw news and the Burlington Free Press, popular rapper Leaf LZZ was fatally shot alongside another man identified as Anthony R Smith Jr., on Decatur Street, Burlington. According to the report of neighbors & Residents. They started hearing a gunshot at around 9:13 pm, leading police to the gruesome scene. Jones was found gravely injured, he was rushed to the hospital and later gave up to his injuries at the UVM Medical Center. The other person with him identified as Smith Jr., was already deceased upon the police’s arrival, he was also 26 years old.


Leaf LZZ Career

Rapper Leaf LZZ’s career was characterized by his determination to tell his life story through his music.

He told his story with his lyrics showing his experience and thought about life. So sad theat he kad to go without fulfilling his purpose.

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