Albert Ofosu Nketiah Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Video, Crying Story

Albert is the trending boy on social media. I know you have seen the recent video of a little boy who transformed from crying to laughing in a matter of seconds.
Social media platforms like TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others platforms has been bubbling and content creators have jumped on the video in and outside Africa.
Who is the boy whose transition is putting smiles on people’s faces?
Here is Albert Ofusu biography and other things to know about him.

Real Name

The boy’s full name is Albert Ofosu Nketiah, Albert was born and raised in Ashanti Agogo in Ghana where he lived with his mother and grandmother.
He went viral after his crying-to-laughing video was shared online by a stranger which eventually got famous on social media.


He was 4 years old when the viral video was recorded by his uncle.

Albert is a kindergarten student in Agogo ghana.

Albert Ofosu Nketia is currently 7 years old.



According to her mother, he was diagnosed with issues.
After his birth he was incubated for some days before he came out a bit string, she went ahead to narrate that he has been on medication ever since although he is getting more stronger every passing day.


Albert Ofosu Crying Story

Albert was videoed crying and then laughing in just a matter of seconds, the  video has since attracted so much attention, gaining him fame.


His mother Rosina, in an interview she explained the reason behind the video, which eveyone will term as hilarious, in an interview with Oyerepa at his residence in Kumasi, a city in Ghana.


She went on to narrate that, he began crying because he wanted a specific food on a faithful Saturday morning but was she unable to obtain it for him.

When his grandmother tried to calm him down with a funny song, he burst out laughing.

“According to his beautiful Mum, It was a Saturday, and he mentioned wanting to eat yam.


She narrated further; I was washing at the time and didn’t have yam, therefore she wasn’t sure if I should stop and go to the market to get some.

But I had some unripe plantain on hand, so I cooked it for him to eat until I provide the one she wants.

” Speaking to her interviewer, she narrated that immediately he sighted the stew and remembered how well it could have tasted alongside  boiled yam rather than the plantain, he started crying again.

“In the beginning, we convinced him to eat it and when he ate it till it was left with two fingers, his grandmother asked him, ‘so you ate this plantain’ then he started crying again. Nana (his grandmother) began crying in an attempt to stop him.

Albert Ofusu Nketiah Parents

  • Father – Ofosu Nketiah
  • Mother – Rosina Nketiah
  • Siblings – Unknown


Albert Ofusu crying video

This is the basic information information about him. Thank you for reading.

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