Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Book Summary in 2023

Recently book lovers prefer reading the summary of a book instead of reading it totally. The 22nd century has produced different ways to read books which includes podcasts, AI, videos,caset, Pdfs and digital books.

Which ever ways you love to use, the bottomline is to understand what you are reading and to assimilate it properly. 

Some folks online has taken the task upon themselves to read and summarize numerous books for book lovers. This creators has made it possible for you to only sit back and listen to the summary of books on their various YouTube channels.

Today I will be revealing the Best YouTube channels that summarizes books. These Bloggers focuses on providing highlights, explaining the characters, chapters, and the entire summary of books in fews minutes. Below are book summary YouTube channels to follow this 2023.

Book review YouTube channels

Top 10 Book summary YouTube channels



Famous book reviewer Regan is a Texas based book lover. She started her channel in 2013 where she shares videos on book summaries. She is arguably my favourite book summariser with over 366k subscribers. According to her “Books can be like Xray when used properly”.


English Book Club

Coming second on our list is English book club, a dedicated India team YouTube channel created on November 26th 2019. The book Channel has made many book video summaries. On the channel; voluminous books are interpreted in you understanding. The Channel focuses on self help books and motivational book summary. With a team of book lovers who work together to make videos on their 19k subscriber channel.


Haley Pham Vlogs

Haley is a US based blogger who has almost 870k subscribers on her YouTube book review channel named Haley Phan Vlog. She joined the vlog industry in 2014 and she has grown into one of the best in the book review niche. She summaries big big books in few minutes. Checkout her channel with 26 millions all time view.


The Book Leo

Leonie is a book reviewer who talks about best selling books. His channel has 276k subscribers with 16,000,000 views. Check out his channel for interesting content.


Epic Reads

She has been a creator since 2010; creating different book summaries for for both teens and adults. She discribes herself as a chronic reader who loves sharing her views on her Channel. She currently has over 167k subscribers on her channel. She post frequently too.


Mike’s Book Reviews

With 87.4Ksubscribers, Mike a Texas based blogger makes interesting YouTube book review videos where he analyzes numerous books. His niche is mostly Fantasy, Literature and Horror. He joined YouTube since 2016 and has eve remained in the scene for many years.



Gabby is a US based reader who makes book summary videos on her YouTube channel. On the channel you will find monthly wrap ups, book hauls, book reviews, book tags etc. Her main niche is thrillers/mysteries, romance, horror and contemporary. She has 81.8k subscribers since she joined youtube in 2015.


Little Book Owl Australian 

Catriona widely known as Caz is an Australian book lover who shares her opinions about books on her channel. The chocolate lover compiles book summaries weekly in her channel. She aterted her clogging journey in 2022 and her gone ahead go gyjer an army of 178k subscribers.


Emma. I’m 27 years old American vlogger who makes reviews on latest books and ancient books.  She talks about Adult fiction including bookshop tours. She has 204k subscribers since joining YouTube 2014 with 16,000,000 views.


Jack in the Books

If you like books and reviews. Jack’s is a great summariser, he breaks books into understandable. Jack is from the United Kingdom. His channel has 405k subscribers. He joined youtube in 2021.


These are the top guys currently in book review on youtube.

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