Starting a personal store are business is somewhat difficult to handle but it’s all depends on your knowledge of entrepreneural knowledge.

I wrote this article show you the best way to succeed and make profit with your new business

The organic or basic functions of business are designed to be performed by business persons on other to satisfy the customers and survive on the long run. The success of an interpreneur depends to a large event on how well he performs these basic business functions.
These functional areas of business are

1. Production

2. Finance

3. Personnel /Human Resources Management, and

4. Marketing.

Performing production function
There can be no business without production. A business can only justify its economic existence if it has a product or service to sell. In this context production involves the creation of goods and services using resources to bring about exchange. Basically, production invokes the changing of conversion of certain inputs into certain outputs in the form of good and and services that satisfy the needs and wants of a market or society.

Production functions is a key function an entrepreneur must perform well of he or she wishes to remain on business and profitably too. The product of production must at all cost meet customer expectations. The function performed such that the product or services satisfies the purpose for which it was produced. For instance, a ball pen must write well or a vehicle must move people round to fulfill the purposes for which they were created, otherwise, they will be of no value to users.

Rules to ensure effective Performance of Production Funtion
The right technology is produced and installed when the needs arise. All kinds of business be they manufacturing, agriculture retail or service require the use of appropriate technologies. The advances in technology enable the production of goods age services greater she easier.

There is selection and application of right production processes. There are many different ways of producing a product or service. The entrepreneur of the production manager must choose the best proceses. The choice made should give the desired results and must be efficient. there is the right personnel, the successt of any production system is a fiction of Personnel type engaged. The right personel in the right number must be engaged and motivated to manipulate advert manage the other production inputs and processes for desired effect.

Application of approximate quality control measures at the various stages of the production process. Pro active control measures are recommended.


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