This is just my personal opinion, I have been a consumer of peak Full Cream milk for about 17 years. Peak milk has been in Nigeria since 1954, that’s  long time for a brand to thrive.

Growing up I prefered peak milk to any other milk. Although different milk has been in existence all this while but none has been able to overshadow peak milk.

Such milks are, Three crowns milk, Loyal milk, Cowbell Milk and other but peak has always knocked then off their feet.

Untill the emergence of Dano milk. Previously I was not fan of Dano milk but after tasting the milk in my friends House. I fell in love with Dano products. Below are the differences I have noticed in my body since I started using Dano milk.

  • Indeed Dano has what it takes to dethrone peak just the way its currently doing in Nigerian market.  Their full cream milk nourishes my skin just the way I Want it.
  • I don’t add much weight the way I used to while using Peak milk although peak doesn’t give me overweight but I feel lighter now with Dano Full Cream milk.
  • My skin glows like the rising sun, I look better now than before.
  • Cheaper, Dano products are cheaper than peak milk, so I save more money and get a more preferable product.
  • Lastly, Dano milk tastes great, formerly after taking tea, I would feel this urge to vomit but it has really stopped.

Have you used Dano milk before? 

If yes, what’s your comparison between Peak and Dano?



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