Who is Iftikhar Durrani, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Networth

Iftikhar Durrani began his career as a journalist and political analyst showing his expertise with for several newspapers and magazines and Television channels. Durrani is known for his analytical approach and his ability give Background insights on political matters. He has interviewed numerous top notch Pakistan politicians. His political career one to reckon wwith. He belongs to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, led by Imran Khan. While Serving as a spokesperson for the PTI, he is known for the way he plays a vital role in disseminating the party’s message to the public and defending its policies and decisions anytime he is called upon. Iftikhar Durrani has been a strong advocate for social justice, transparency, and good governance. The prominent politician has voiced his concerns about corruption and has been actively involved in the fight against it so many times.



As per public search, Iftikhar Durrani wife, name and career is under review. This is because he has not granted any public interview to reveal his wife or children.


Video saga with Rabia Malik pti

Following the surfacing of his video with fellow colleague Rabia Malik, which has been trending online, many believe that the two are in a relationship. However they are yet to make a public announcement and PTI is yet to make any official public announcement about them so far.



Iftikhar Durrani is 54 years old as of May 2023. He was born on June 20, 1969 in his hometown Abbottabad, Pakistan.


Net Worth

According to sources and financial Statistics across the web, Iftikhar Durrani estimated Networth is $10 Million. His sources of income ranges from politics, Journalism and investments.


In Conclusion, Iftikhar Durrani is a professional and patriotic Pakistan politician who has contributed immensely to the growth of Pakistan government through the media.

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