Who is Dan Horyna “Zeppelin” Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Career, Net worth

Dan Horyna, also known by the nickname Zeppelin, is a Czech musician, singer, psychotherapist, artist, athlete, Buddhist, occasional film, TV series actor and Head of the Merlin music group. Who has had stints in numerous Careers. Below are all the basic information about him.


Early Iife

Dan Horyna was born in the year 1957 in Prague Czech Republic. After His birth he moved with his parents to China because of his father’s work. He spent the first years of his life. He grew up under that Watch of his parents and was cared for by Chinese tutors who took him to Buddhist temples and shrines for education purpose. After he cane back to Czechoslovakia, he started to devote himself to athletics and tennis and before venturing into music.



He career began as an athlete, his love for athleticsim got him shortlisted for Olympics at teenage age. He later entered an arts and crafts high school, where he began to develop his artistic talent. While in high school, he fell in love with good music and started learning how to play the guitar and sing as well. His music journey started after far back in 60s. He gradually rose to fame with his pattern of song likened to that of Led Zeppelin. His band consists of the then line-up of Merlin, which was Mimi (Miloš ‘Mimi’ Knop) on guitar, Richard Tomíček on bass and Aleš Zimolka on drums, and they have played together since 2002.

They recorded “Tibet “, together which was gradually composed from 2005 and the album was released in 2010.


Personal life 

Dan Horyna personal is quite a touching yet inspirational one. At his teenage years, He sat down during the Slovak part of the Czechoslovak national anthem during an athletics competition which led to him being expelled from ČSTV (Czechoslovak Physical Education Association) for this excess.

When he turned 18 in 1975, he tried drugs for the first time said derogatory slogans against the president on Charles Bridge. When the recording became public, Dan was arrested for the first time, interrogated and also physically abussed.  Dan spent two months in detention and was kicked out of school. He started working as a laborer & using more drugs and his family then fell apart. He was forced to give up his daughter Michaela in adoption.

Horyna appealed his expulsion and was reinstated. He became famous after applying to sing at LŠU (People’s School of Arts). Since then he has sung and replaced bands such as Vitacit, Mumpa, Merlyn and Kroky František Janeček.

However, drug adictiom made him want to commit suiciide, but his brother saved him. When he remarried and had His second daughter, Dominika. Dan again slipped into druggs. He divorced, remarried and had two more daughters. This led to another divorce and succide attempt in a subway Prague. He later made up his mind to move on from druggs at 45 which inspired the movie “Piko” with him as a character. Dan Horyna has ever since become a psychotherapist and helping people who are addicted to drugg addiction.


Net worth 

Having succeeded in the music industry, so many people are eager to know his Networth. The accurate Networth of Dan Horyna is very difficult to ascertain because he is yet to declare his assets publicly. The  Networth of Dan Horyna is estimated to be $50,000.


He was Born in 1957. Dan Horyna is 66 years as of 2023. He is so committed to his music career.



He practices Buddhism. A Chinese popular religion. This is due to the fact that he grew up in China.


Wife and Children

Dan Horyna married two wives, however their names remain under review. According to the interview he granted some years ago, he had two daughters as of then but we don’t know how many children he has currently.


In conclusion, Dan Horyna story is a big motivation for all who has come in contact with it. He is as well a great musical personality and Czech Republic celebrity.

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