When it comes to smells especially the weird ones, we tend to become very angered to perceive them.  In other words, wierd smells can spoil or change our mood or way of thinking instantly.

Are their wierd smells that you enjoy?

Well for me, I enjoy alot of wierd smells and I’m going to be sharing them alongside the other wierd smells that some people also like. Let’s go guys.


Personally these are the wierd smells that I  like perceiving, yeah call me whatever name you wish but this is my life and I live it proudly.

1. Smell of Mint Money 

Truly the smell of Minth money makes me happy, it arouses my system and gives me this exciting feeling, When I get minth money from a bank, I would continue smelling it back to back with Joy in my soul.

2. Smell of Fresh washed and dried Wrapper 

Most people likes this wierd smell but I bet they don’t like it the way I do,  when I was still a little child, I would always sniff my mums wrapper when she spreads it outside, especially when it has dried. The feeling is heaven!!

3. When Water is poured on Dry Mud 

Yeah!!, One of my favorites, I never stop loving this wierd smell, often time I would fetch water and be looking for a dry sand to pour it on, Even at my age I never stop loving the feeling when I perceive the smell of water on Mud.


4.  Smell of Burnt Electric Iron

Yummy!!!, this is probably my favorite smell ever, sometimes I would purposely leave my electric iron to burn just to perceive the wierd smell it produces. I would later scrape it and start ironing my clothes. Don’t call me wierd, I’m just being sincere.


5. Smell of newly Bought Okrika Cloth 

If you have ever bought second hand clothes, popularly called Okrika in Africa, You will understand the feeling it produces. Yummy 😋, I would just be sniffing them when I buy them, sometimes I don’t even wash them for weeks just to retain my wierld smell.


6.  Smell of new Books 

This is another wierd smell that I like so much, you know that smell from new book passing through the photocopying machine or typewriter? That’s the way forward for me. I like it so much.


7. Smell of New Babies (Age 0 – 3)

New born babies Posses a unique scent that arouses my nasal cavity, I like staying around new borns Just to perceive their Smell. Maybe that’s why I like Carrying new born babies although they are usually small to carry but I enjoy being with them.

8.  Burnt Soup 

Although it’s not all the soups but I like the smell of Burnt soup, this December I literally burnt any food I placed on fire, although it wasn’t intentional but my phone usage caused it most times. And Gas cookers can be merciless sometimes.


9. Smell Of Fuel 

This is a pulsating smell but I kinda Enjoy it alot especially when it’s coming from the filling station. This is unpopular but I like it though.


10. My Fart

When I mess, I wait to perceive the odour, yes I can be weird some times but it’s the truth, if the smell is too annoying to bear, I will run for my life but if its not too harsh I will stay back and take it in.


11. Smell of Camphor 

Yes, it’s always littered around the corners of my room, although I would remove it occasionally if my visitor doesn’t like it. I. Love the smell.


12. Smell of wet cement and Sand 

In those days, I would sit around builder’s and perceive the odour of the mixture of cement and sand when they are molding blocks.


Other Wierd Smells I know

  • Smell of Armpit
  • Smell of Women’s V spot
  • Smell of Suya ( Salted /dried meat)
  • Smell of native chalk
  • Fresh painted room
  • Smell of Soak-away pit
  • Boiled Water
  • Smell of Banger


Whats Yours, share with me below 






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