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Sarah Lee Stern Stan is a Softball player who played in many competitions during her lifetime before she was murdered in new jersey bridge in 2016. she was known for her cheerfulness and hardworking characteristics which attracted people to her. In this article we are going to be revealing all the essential information you need to know about the softball player, this includes her age, career, cause of death



Stern became was born on 24 March 1997 in Belmer New Jersey, (America) to her parents Mr. Michael Stren (Father) and Mrs. Carla Stern (Mother). She grew up under the watch of her parents who trained her into a Godfearing lady.  She went to school in the united states Neptune Hog School to be precise. She also went to  Brookdale Community College. Much is not known about her educational life. This is because she only became popular after her death. She was a sports lover and a softball player as well as a swimmer in her days.

Sarah Stern


The beautiful American lady started her youthful age as a softball player. She had just finished her high school education in before her demise in 2016. The young and vibrant lady was about to start her career before she met her sudden departure.


Sarah Stern Age

she was born on the 24 March 1997 to her American parents Mr and Mrs Michael and Carla Stern. She was 19 years old when she died.



her love life was an interesting one because those who knew her narrate that she loved everyone around her. Her alleged boyfriend is Liam McAtasney. Her Childhood friend who she grew up to love, however, it was still Liam who murderred her.


Cause Of Death

Sarah Stern was Strangled to death on December 2, 2016, by her Childhood friend and alleged boyfriend Liam McAtasney. He carried out the operation which he described as a robbery with his friend called Preston Taylor. Liam believed that Sarah’s grandmother left $10,000 for her before her death.


He went along with his friend and ended up murdering his childhood friend Sarah. The duo disposed her body in the river under the new jersey bridge and made it look like a suic!de. He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment without Parole alongside his friend Taylor.

Liam McAtasney Sarah Stern murderer
Liam McAtasney

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