Lately it has become a thing of debate on social media platforms as to why most African men are afraid of of settling down with their European partners when it comes to marriage.

Africans are known to look for greener pastures in the western world especially American and its neigboring countries spreading accross other some European countries.

It’s true that European Ladies love African men especially because of their prowess down the duvet. Yes this is the main reason why some ladies travel all the way from their western country to marry their African lovers.

Despite the fact that European Ladies keep tangling with black guys, black people are always afraid to tie the nut because of these reasons.

1. Fear Of Sudden Deportation

This is probably the 80 percent reason why African men doesn’t like to marry an American woman. Recall that In Europe, It’s prohibited for men to hit their Partner which is directly opposite in Africa. Therefore, if a married Man mistakenly touch his foreign wife, he will be deported immediately or imprisoned.


2. Override by Their Wife

Since Africans are not as wealthy as the Europeans and other western countries, thus gives the lady power to override and control the man in the relationship / marriage. In some cases the English women go the length of using fire~arms on their black husband which might lead to their sudden death.


3. Travel Restriction

Once a man gets married to an European woman, their freedom of movement might be tampered with, nevertheless, it’s not every lady out there that posses this character but it’s rampant among European Ladies. This is because, they assume that if the man travels home, he might run away with their property and never come back.

4. Number of Offsprings 

An Average African man loves to give birth to many children which is contrary to the whites . The average white Man believes that 2 or 3 children is enough in a marriage and this individual interests discourages African men to marry abroad.


5. Love For Home

Finally, everyone has a root, no place like home. Black men refuse to tie the knot because of their love for their respective heritage. The African culture has eaten deep into the blacks and its very difficult to move away from your culture and lifestyle for very long time. Eg – The weather condition is a pure example.


Are there other reason not included in this list? Drop a comments let’s discuss about it.

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