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So I spent my Christmas in Enugu State in Nigeria. My roommate in school actually took me home for Christmas celebration and It was one of my best holidays so far.


Truly this Christmas will enter my diary especially the history of the great Okobi tree. Among the numerous things that caught my attention in OLO is the Great Okobi tree that sits in the heart of Umuenum community.  Also I wouldn’t forget the the special moments I spent in their river called Kalawa.

Let me share with you the history of this Tall and mighty tree 🎄.


“This is the Ichie (Elder) of our community” My friends uncle explained to us. According to him, during the days of their for fathers, the great Okobi tree served as their guardian ANGEL.  It protects us from attack from the neighboring villages, furthermore he explained that during the war, his people usually gather around the tree at night for protection because they become invincible around the tree at night.

The people would make chants and dance around the tree till day break when they will retire to their various houses. In my quest to know more about the tree, I asked why the tree seemed deserted. He explained that Christianity has driven most of the villagers from worshipping the tree which has reduced the attention formerly given to it by the village.

He went on to explain that the tree gives wealth to the people thats why the neighboring villager comes to make promises to the tree of it makes them rich.

Can the village cut the tree down? He replied, Many attempts to cut the rltree down has failed, Although the tree is deserted but the village-seer still pours libation to the tree periodically which makes it as powerful as always.

I couldn’t take May eyes off the tree each morning while we cross it to buy stuffs in the village square.


Indeed culture still exist and I will publicize as many as I can. Thank you ❤️

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