Mtn New Recharge Activation Code 2023 – How to Use & Functions

Have you been trying to recharge your phone? Is the activation code both working, nothing is wrong with your phone, neither is anything wrong with your MTN Sim, probably you are using the former Recharge Activation code. This article will teach the new recharge activation code, it’s uses and how to use them.


MTN New Recharge Activation Code.

The previous recharge code that all of know and use is *555*rechargepin#. This is what every Mtn user utilizes to topup recharge card on their mtn sim via Ussd Code.

Although there are other ways to recharge your our sims without using codes which are Bank topup, using mtn App or using shot codes.

On may 2 2023, MTN sent a message across to it’s users informing them about the change of Airtime recharge code.


MTN New Recharge Activation Code

MTN has changed its recharge activation code from *555*rechargepin# to *555*rechargepin#. In a text message sent to it’s users on the 2nd of may 2023, they made the announcement to it’s users. Below is the mesaage sent by MTN.

Dear Customer, this is to inform you of a change in our recharge activation code. You can now recharge your lines using *311*rechargepin# instead of *555*rechargepin#. We encourage you to start using the new code for your convenience. Thank you for choosing MTN.

How to use the new MTN Recharge Activation code 2023

To start using the new code to recharge your phone, simply dial *311*rechargepin# and send. Your sim will be topup immediately. Many are asking if the old recharge pin will still be active.

Well I tried to recharge with *555*Recharge# and It wasn’t successful although some of my friends are still recharging with the old recharge code.

If per adventure you can’t recharge with the new pin, below are steps to take.


How to Start Using the New MTN Recharge Pin

  • Step 1 – Get your phone and recharge card
  • Step 2 – Dial *311*rechargepin#
  • Step 3 – Press send
  • Step 4 – Wait for your Sim to be recharged.

If your Sim is not recharging, try using the old MTN recharge code *555*Rechargepin# or *3551*rechargepin# for 10 digit recharge card pin or *888*Rechargepin# for bonus recharge. If it’s still not working call help line 180 for directive.


Frequently asked Questions and answers

What is the new MTN Recharge Pin

The latest and active MTN Recharge code is *311*rechargepin#. The old pin *555*pin# was changed in may.


When did MTN change their recharge activation pin

The Hierarchy and management of MTN in may 2023 abnnoube the changing of their recharge activation code to *311*pin#.

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