Liam McAtasney Biography, Wikipedia, Parents, Age, Now, Hometown

Laim McAtasney is a resident of neptune City, New Jersey and the murd3rer of Sarah Stern. In this article we will reveal to you what transpired between him and Sarah, his sentence, biography and where he is presently.


Early Life

Laim McAtasney was born in 1999. He grew up in Neptune City, New Jersey with his parents. He started his education at neptune high school. However, he has refused to share anything related to his biography and personal life to the media.



Laim McAtasney is a student by Occupation, he attended the same school with Sarah Stern who he murdered.

Liam has career is quite difficult to figure out as he is labelled a crim!Nak and murd3rer.


Liam McAtasney Parents

Liams parents are Quinn McAtasney (father) and Megan McAtasney (mother). His parents who testified to be disappointed in him are from New Jersey. However their Occupation is unknown.


Relationship and girlfriend

He is a good looking young man and it’s believed he’s had series of relationships. However, this assumption has not be confronted yet. His girlfriend is unknown. There’s is no record of his previous relationships either.


Laim McAtasney Crime

Himslef and his friend Preston Taylor are the murderers of Sarah Stern who is his childhood friend and High school mate. The event happened on the 2 of December 2016. In 2019 he was found guilty and later Sentenced to life without parole. His was also charged with 10 years imprisonment for disposing of Sarah’s body.


Where is Liam McAtasney now?

He is currently serving his sentence at new Jersey prison. Sarah will be buried officially in 2023acvirding to reports.

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