How To Recharge Glo Airtime With Serial Number 2023 – Updated Airtime/Data Codes

One frequent thing that happens frequently is forgetting the recharge code of some of nigerian telecom companies especially that of Glo. 

In situations like this, all that is required is to make a quick Google query to refresh your memory. In some cases, a new serial code may have been introduced without your knowledge thereby making it impossible to recharge your glo line. If you find yourself in this condition, all that is needed is to find out the new, active and working Glo serial codes.

We have listed all the important codes for glo users in 2023, this article will educate you on how to recharge glo airtime with serial number. 

Serial number is not the only way to recharge your glo line, other methods like Using bank Apps, Glo App and Short codes are also available on glo.


However, many users always prefer the simple and most popular way of recharging which is by using the serial number recharge method. Let’s share with you the updated glo recharge codes on 2023.


How Many Digits is Glo Recharge Card 

Due to the white paper form of recharge card that is universally used by recharge card vendors, many find it difficult to differentiate between Glo recharge cards and other networks especially when the company logo has wiped from the paper surface. The first thing to always look out for is the number the recharge card digits. The Current glo recharge card is a 15 digits number. The number is a combination of Pin code, Serial number and Card expiry date.


How to Recharge Glo Airtime with Serial Number

To recharge a Glo card Successfully many things should be put in consideration such as

  • Using the correct USSD code at the beginning
  • The recharge card digits should be correct and 15 digits.
  • Using hash # at the end.

If the list above is correct


How to Load MTN Recharge Card 

To load your Glo card. Dial *123*RechargePin#, For instance if your airtime pin number is 000111222333444 Dial *123*000111222333444# on your Glo Sim card and send. Your Sim should be recharged under 3 seconds. However if it doesn’t, carefully retype your recharge card pin and resend.

If you get a feedback that it has already been used by another customer. The first thing to do is to check your account balance to confirm if you already recharged the card by dialing *124# and choosing option 1


For Glo Twin Bash recharge

Dial *127*RechargePin#. For instance, if the airtime PIN is 000111222333444, Dial *127*000111222333444# and Send/Ok to get 600% extra value for airtime and data.


For Glo Amebo Recharge

Dial *555*PIN#. For instance, if the airtime PIN is 000111222333444, Dial  *555*000111222333444# to get 5X the value of your recharge on your glo Sim.


how to recharge glo Data with serial number

If you wish to buy data with your recharge card, simply Dial *223*PIN#, for Instance if your Airtime is 000111222333444, Dial *223*000111222333444*Pin#. Or simply use *777# to buy data after recharging your Glo on your Sim.


How to Report an Already Used Glo Recharge card

  1. Firstly, Report to the vendor that sold the recharge card to you, if they insist that it was you that load the card contact Glo customer care 
  2. To do this, check this article we wrote on how to contact Glo Customer care via different channels. Or dial 121 and 200 on glo line, if you want to lay your complain with another network call +234-805-002-0121.

In summary

The above methods are the current way to recharge glo airtime using the serial Number method. If you have tried all that has been listed above and still encountering any problem, leave a comment for us to attend to or contact Glo by calling 200 or 121 on your glo Sim. I hope this helped solve your problem.

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