How to Break a Guinness World Record in Nigeria & Worldwide (2023 Guide)

Guinness World Records is used to recognise those who have shown bravery in a particular event or activity.

Everyone can break guinness record, there is no gender specification and anyone or any group of persons can set or break a guinness record even from your room.

Breaking guinness record is always easier than most people think, here are 30 easiest Guinness records you can break.

Before one attempts to set or break any guinness record there are specific things that you should do to make sure your name appears in Guiness book of records. In this we will show you all you all you need to set or break a guinness world record.


Thing to Consider before Attempting to break or set a Guinness World Record

  1.  Has someone set the record before.
  2. Who is the record Holder.
  3. How was the record set.
  4. Can I break or set a new world record.
  5. What is needed  to break the record.
  6. What time is needed.
  7. The resources needed to set that record.
  8. What is the best appropriate environment to do it.


How to Set a Guinness World Record

To be able to set a guinness record Follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Study the record you want to set properly.
  • Step 2. Record & Time yourself on a continuous Video.
  • Step 3. Apply to Guinness World Record through their website.
  • Step 4. Wait for Approval.

Before attempting any Guiness record, make you study the updated information about the record you intend to break, this will give you more insight on how to break or set it. It will interest you to know that the only proof needed from you is a live video and maybe a witness ( optional except in some cases). Before starting your video, time and recorded yourself from the beginning to the end.  Finally aplly to Guiness Word records by clicking the submit button on yhoer website. If it’s vetted and approved you will become a world record holder.


How to Break A Guinness World Record

  • Step 1. make sure you can neat the record holder.
  • Step 2. Start practising till you are convinced.
  • Step 3. Record & time yourself live.
  • Step 4: If you beat the previous record, submit it to Guiness world Record.
  • Step 5: wait for Approval.

 Why Guiness World Record may Dissaprove your Record

  1. If your record has no verifiable record.
  2. When your record is not measurable or replicable.
  3. If your video evidence was edited, your application will not be approved.
  4. Age range is an important factor in some records.

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