Gadgets becon s useless when the battery 🔋 is nothing to write home about and that’s the reason why most Africans prefer Infinix mobile/Tecno and Itel over Samsung and IPhone.

Yes Samsung and iPhone are strong devices buy most people always complain about the battery life which is eventually preventing these two products from taking over the hoke market respectively.


As it’s always said, if your ain’t good in A, be good in B because that’s what mobile companies like Tecno, Redmon, Itel and infinix has been doing to remain in the competitive market. If your mobile phone battery has been giving you headache; sit back while I share this little secret of money with you.


As a pationate writer, my battery life matters to Me alot whivjyis why I devices this means of keeping my phone always on while I type my ideas. First of, let me start by telling you that my android phone is charged only once in Two days. Surprised? You shouldn’t be

I use an infinix HOT 10 with battery capacity of 6000mAH, you might be wondering how this battery can last for a full day while I. Operate it on a steady basis. If can be able to follow this procedures below then you are good to go.


1. Identify the best charger for your battery /phone

The energy possessed by a rechargeable battery is almost equivalent to the means of charging. What am I trying to say here? There are various Chargers and cords that damages the battery strength of your battery, here in using My original charger head alongside a NEW AGE power CORD. This combination gives my battery all the synchronization it needs to be strong and fast charge all the time. If new Age cord isn’t available where you are, plades use strong Oraimo cord alongside your original or purchased charger and watch the synchronization of your battery life


2. Use Voltage Regulator


Another trick I use to increase my battery life is the use of voltage regulator. Below Id and image

Voltage regulator prevents dangerous voltages from reaching your charger transformer to avoid damage to the charger and phone battery itself.


3.Avoid Pressing Your Phone During Charging

The more you press your phone while charging it. You are simplify destroying your battery life, and it’s adviceable to avoid Charging your phone while you are operating it. If you want to build the life of your battery, stop operating it while charging.


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