Top 20 Good Christian Youtube Channels To Follow In 2023

Spiritual guidance is paramount for Christians, Many youtube channels dish out good Christian content on a daily for believers around the world. Following a well-grounded spiritual father/mentor equips any Christian for the journey of eternity.  

In recent years, many Christians have taken the gospel to YouTube. They share ideas, Daily preaching, Teachings, Inspiring music, and prayer sections on their YouTube channels. has taken out time to make in-depth research for our Christian followers.

Aside Christian fathers and pastors, other YouTubers also share in-depth Christian compilation content on their channels. In our Previous Article, we talked about the Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Book Summary in 2023, In this article, we will be revealing the best channels based on the level of spirituality, impact, popularity, content, and personality. 

Note: Some Christian channels might be omitted from this list because of the message they preach. After following these spiritual channels we will show you, your life will never remain the same.


Top 20 Christian Youtube Channels To Watch In 2023

Overcoming Daily

By Divine mandate from God, we are here to overcome Daily. That is the first phrase on overcoming daily channels. If you want to learn how to go about your life challenges as a Christian. The Channel teaches revival end-time messages to its 992k subscribers. It currently has 2.3k videos and 136,000 views since it’s creation in 2016.


Bible Project

If you watch a lot of Christian videos on YouTube, then I believe you must have come across this 3.500,000 subscribers channel with over 344,56,000 views. The channel talks about everything the Bible since it was created in 2013. The channel has only 280 quality videos.


Jon Jorgenson

The spoken word channel, The Believer, is one of the most viewed Christian channels on YouTube. He has over 817 Christian videos with 39,000,000 views on his channel since joining in January 2014. He is a spoken word specialist who collaborates with top ministries like the Moody Bible Institute, the Willow Creek Association, and many other churches.  His channel builds Christian characters and faith.


I will Be Honest

Just like the name implies, this channel gives honest opinions on Christian topics. The channel has 1.7k videos with 73,288.112 views. The channel is part of Grace Community Church Texas. If you are a lover of the gospel of Jesus I will be honest is a recommended channel for you.


Pastor Jerry Eze

This channel was created in 2019 during the pandemic, and it has stood its ground as one of the best Christian YouTube channels with over 1.2 Million subscribers. The streams of Joy anchor Pastor Jerry connects Christians globally to pray together in harmony. His channel has 190,796,841 views currently.


The Holy Tales – Bible

This is youtube Channel that teaches kids Bible stories in animation. Here Christ stories and other Bible stories are shared for both parents and children. The 252k subscriber channel has 974 videos that have been watched 88,482,408 times. This a Channel every parent will want for their children.


Joseph Solomon

Let’s assume, for a moment, that everyone is human. This is an adage that inspires Joseph Solomon and his subscribers. He describes humanity and its surroundings on his channel. I have been inspired by Solomon’s videos countless times. The Conc. Believer unveils the truth about the kingdom of God. He has a massive 955k subscribers with only 131 videos.  He currently has 85,539,602 views.


Nephtali 1981

False prophecy is gradually taking over the gospel of Christ, and this is exactly one of the topics that drives the Youtuber. He talks about fallen angels, the truth behind some Bible stories, the Illuminati, and many other interesting topics. His 810 videos have garnered him a whopping 221,127,286 views on YouTube. He has 139k subscribers. The YouTuber also connects believers who desire to pray with other believers.



Daily encouragement and faith-building are areas the channel focuses on. He shares the stories of believers and men of God with intriguing storytelling. The channel has 722 videos with 2,253,392 views. Follow him in preparation for the second coming.


The Beat by Allen Parr

With just 774 YouTube videos, Allen Parr is a top guy in the Christian YouTube ministry. He features both biblical encouragement and Real Christian truth in his channel since it was created in 2014. The channel releases new videos 3 times a week. Allen discusses theological ideas on his channel as well as helping Christians shape their lives spiritually. The channel has 99,280,634 views.


Grace To You

If you want expository preaching, then this is for you. John MacArthur is the pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and one of the greatest preachers of our time. I strongly recommend this channel.



Todd Friel is a strong advocate of God on youtube. He preaches the gospel as it is written in the Bible. Wretched explains hidden truths for Christians. He preaches mostly about the evil in abortion and immorality. The wretch channel has 542k subscribers, 3.1k videos, and 138,930,152 views on youtube. This channel is arguably one of the best Christian YouTube channels to follow in 2023.


Capturing Christianity

Cameron Bertuzzi is a devoted Believer who exposes the intellectual side of Christian belief. His video teaches the Dos and Don’ts as a Christian. He has made 549 videos with 16,726,638 video views on youtube with 172k Subscribers. 


Lion of Juda

This is a Christian inspirational channel. I love the stories on this channel. With a whopping 3,000,000 subscribers, this Christian channel is a must-follow for all Christians. It currently has 410,086,411 views on its 2.7K videos. The team consists of Edris Heral, Raymond Barba, Matt Moore, Amy Moore, Jacob Robinson, and others.


Desiring God

This is a teenage channel, the 831k subscribers, which teaches teens how to grow in the love of Christ. The channel has 172,722,519 views, 831K subscribers, and 5.7K videos. Teens are advised to follow this page.


The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition is a channel that discusses Christian lifestyles. This channel is full of everything. The 169k-subscriber channel gathers a group of pastors and churches who delight in the truth and the power of the gospel. They have 2.2k videos and 24,933,312 views on their YouTube channel.


The Supernatural Life – Daniel Adams.

Danny’s TSNL channel educates about the life of Christ. He posts about miracles and the deed of God all over the world. He has transformed many lives through his 2k YouTube videos which have earned him 485k subscribers and 63,982,588 views.


Curse Breaking Prayer Evangelist Fernando Perez

This a prayer Channel;  Evan Perez is known for his effective prayer sections online. Christians who need spiritual help always turn to him for prayers. If you desire to become a prayer guru, tune in to this channel daily for prayers. The channel has 515k subscribers, 71,380,403 views, and 2.4k videos.


The Two Preachers

Wondering Why they go by the name “Two preachers”? The channel is owned by two individuals who move about assisting the less privileged. They preach the love of giving. The channel has over 78,004,885 views, 968 videos, and 481k subscribers.


By The Book Ministries

Although not too spiritual but the channel has a lot of valuable Christian topics. The 68k subscriber channel talks about diverse Christian topics for believers to lay a strong spiritual foundation. With over 6,005,544 views. Frederick Clement has been able to leave a message with his 152 message videos.


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