Glo Force Com Sim (CUG) Subscription Info and Recharge Codes 2023

Many Nigerians don’t know about Glo force communication line also known as (CUG – Closed Up Users). It’s a program introduced by glo for it’s customers to enjoy unlimited call time.

It’s a Prepaid Services that offers  Globacom’s most cost-effective package that ensures the growth of small businesses and relationships.

The Nigerian service provider has made communication easier and less expensive for it’s users, in this article we will be explaining all you need to know about Glo force com.


Glo Force Communication Sim Details

The prepaid plan also known as CUG  allows you make FREE calls 24 hours a day, for a full month with a fixed monthly subscription. It also allow it’s users to send sms to any network  for free on the Glo CUG platform.

With just six hundred #600 monthly subscription, you will be able to make calls to any other Person on the Force Com Sim platform.

This will help you reduce your call cost to the nearest minimum.


Who can Use Glo Force Com Line

This prepaid plan is for company owners, Individuals, family members and managers that work from different locations. With the glo force com Sim, you can make calls for as much as you want.

The plan is the Managers, Logistic Companies, NGOS, Business men, Oil and Gas companies, Delivery Companies, Public transport, Churches, schools and other firms that make a lot of calls. If you are GSM user that makes a lot of calls, you can also reduce the money you spend my acquiring a force com line.


How To Get a Glo Force Com Sim

To start using the force com SIM, you will to acquire it from a Glo agent. To get a force com Sim card.

  • Locate a Glo agent or preferably a Glo office
  • Make a payment of Aproximatley #2,000
  • Register it with your details.
  • Finally, Subscribe it for a month with #500 or #600 Naira.


How To Start Using a Glo Force Com Sim

Before you can be able to start using your force communication Sim, the second person must also be a force com subscriber. That is you can only make free calls with another glo force com user.

As a company, you need to get all your workers a force com Sim that will be subscribed monthly. Same allies applies to individuals.


What is Glo Force com Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription for Glo force com line is 500 or 600 respectively.


How Much is Glo Force Com Sim

A Glo Force Com Sim is sold for #1,500. Note that this amount may differ according to location and vendor.


How to Recharge Glo Force Com Sim

Recharging your force com Sim is the same as recharging your normal glo Sim. To Recharge your force Dial *123*RechargePin#. For example of your recharge pin is 000111222333444, Input *123*000111222333444#  and press send/Ok.


Benefits Of Using The Glo Closed User Group

  • Unlimited calls daily
  • Can be used by anyone
  • With your 600 monthly you can make 24hrs Calls non- stop.
  • Send text message to anyone for free.
  • Their is no limit of users.

Why is it called Force Com sim

The Sim was initially made for military and Para-military men by Globacom. The CEO of Glo Mike Adenuga introduced this Sim to enable free and easy communication between the Nigerian force. That’s is why it’s called Glo force Com Sim.


In conclusion, Using this Sim will save you a while lot of money that you spend airtime. If you have any question place drop a comment or contact Glo via their official website.

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