Garima Lohia Biography, Wikipedia, Age, UPSC 2023

Garima Lohia Upsc is an intelligent Indian citizen in the field of competitive examinations in India. She is a role model and mentor to the upcoming educationalists in her country. This page contains all the important information you shoukd know about her.


Early Life

Garima Lohia was 20 born on 5 March 2003. She is from Buxar, Bihar India. And was raised in a business family. She is an Obidient, well mannered and focused young lady who is so passionate about her career.



Lohia completed her early education in her hometown and showed good  academic skills from a young age. Her drive to achieve higher kept her in the right mindset to Chase her dreams. Garima always wanted to frither her education which encouraged her of pursue her bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to the social sciences. Her interest towards civil services and her target to impact her generation led her to prepare for the UPSC examination which she perfomed exceptionally.



Lohia UPSC career began as a UPSC  few years ago. She trained towards becoming one of the country’s best in UPSC. She faced numerous challenges  and competitions but her knowledge of the examination helped her secure a remarkable rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Lohia has been actively involved in organizing seminars to help aspiring civil servants understand the dynamics of the UPSC examination and how to pass it.

Garima Lohia Upsc Net Worth

Garima Lohia Networth is not publicly available as she is yet to declare her assets but her estimated worth is $50,000. Her source of income is coaching institute, Examination Training and others.

Personal life

Garima Lohia not married yet. She is a 20 years old UPSC  enthusiast who is fully focused on her career. Her boyfriend is unknown as well as her parents.

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