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Emeka Nobis biography, Net Worth, Family background, books and Education

Writing and telling stories has proven to be one the most effective ways of changing lives and passing message to the world and Emeka Nobis has successfully carved out that niche for himself. Today we are taking a quick dive into the life of Nigerian Writer Emeka Nobis; a Man whose ink has given young Africans the avenue to reach their financial potentials through online literary writings that Evince change .


Emeka Nobis Early life

The renowned writer Was born into the family of the Nobis on the 1st of July 1980 in Imo state Nigeria; He attended the then popular Marist Comprehensive Academy school in Uturu before proceeding to Government Secondary School where he came out as one the best student among his classmates bagging 9 A’s in West African School Certificate examinations council (WASCE)  in the 1997, After attaining high grades in promotion exams he proceeded to the university; we will be discussing that later in this article later.

Joy Nobis, Emeka Nobis wife
Joy Nobis

Emeka Nobis Family

The Don is happily married to Mrs. Joy Nobis with two kids . The two love birds are seasoned writers and active active social media personalities who utilizes the media to sell their market. His wife Joy Nobis is a professional cook.


Emeka Nobis Writing Career

At an early stage of his life; Mr. Nobis was already putting lines together, according to the influencer at 7 he was already writing poems and some plays in primary school. This gave him an insight that writing was his area of specialization that in-turn compelled him to build a formidable career after graduating from university. However he started writing intentionally in 2011. He later produced his first ever book titled “THE PROFOUND LIFE”. In an interview with Bragmagazine, he revealed that he resigned from his work as a practicing Engineer for 10 years to fully focus on his writing career. He faced a lot of challenge after quitting his job as an engineer, specifically at a point in his writing career, his son was driven away from school for his failure to pay his school fees. Imagine leaving a province that pays you money to an entirely new career even without the assurance of steady income. He debilitated fear but with the support of his extended family and his wife Mrs. Joy Nobis; he was able to snatch bits of success through his persistence and focus.


Writers That influenced Emeka Nobis Wring (His Role Models and Mentors)

  1. Seth Godin
  2. Hugh Mcleod
  3. Tomide Olukuade
  4. Okechukwu Ofili
  5. Tolu Akinyemi
  6. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
  7. Chimamanda Adichie
  8. Bura-Bari Nwilo
  9. Umari Ayim
  10. Robert Thouless


Emeka Nobis Education

He started his primary school in Marist Comprehensive Academy school in Uturu before proceeding to Government Secondary School after which he went on to study Industrial Production Engineering in Federal University of Technology Owerri.

Emeka Nobis books
Emeka Nobis books

Complete list of Emeka Nobis books ( Including Online Courses)

  1. The Profound Life
  2. So You Call Yourself A Writer
  3. Rantings Of A Lettered Mind
  4. 24/7 TURNOVER: Every Writers Magical Secret
  5. Addicted to Writing: (My power, My pleasure, My pain)
  6. Your Book will Sell
  7. Na Wetin Sef
  8. Notebook
  9. Mad Men Speak Revelations
  10. Abandon the Dots
  11. Bank Alert
  12. Stiff Nipples
  13. eBook Money
  14. Revirgined
  15. Cheap Money
  16. Create your Online course CYOC
  17. 30 Days Content Creation
  18. Building A Profitable Book Launch Team
  19. Be The Don
  20. How To Sell Online; Especially To Nigerians
  21. How to Know at To Do TO Make A Lot More, Spend Less Energy And Drive More Impact
  22. 3 Things That Mess Up Your Chances Of Sharing What You Know Online And Make Money From It
  23. What To Do Daily On Social Media To Create Lots of Content
  24. Running A Profitable Book Launch
  25. Challenge And Earn
  26. WhatsAPPit
  27. Unchurched
  28. How to Blow On Social Media in 30 Days
  29. Grow Your Platform
  30. Earn $3 Everyday Challenge
Emeka Nobis
Emeka Nobis

Emeka Nobis Selar Account

The influential writer sells his books and courses via various online market stores including Selar.co. If you desire to purchase some of his wonderful books, Below is his Selar account link https://emekanobis.selar.co


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Emeka Nobis Amazon Account

The don also sells his books on amazon, to buy his books on amazon below is his amazon account link https://www.amazon.com/Books-Emeka-Nobis


Other Important information about Emeka Nobis You should know

Emeka Nobis Website

He sure Has many websites but his Original website is www.EmekaNobis.com

Emeka Nobis Nickname

Many of his lovers and followers on social Media call Him many names but his official nickname is The Don.


Social Media Handles Of Emeka Nobis


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