Diomedio Villanueva Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Death, Hometown

Diomedio Villanueva is a Philippines Military personnel who is recognized in his for his patoitism and dedication in service. In this article we will be revealing everything you need to know about him.


Early Life and Education

He was Born the Phillipines. He went to school on the Philippines and Asli grew in the country. No information is known about the schools he attended. The Name is his parents are Aldo unknown.



diomedio villanueva is a dedicated soldier in the Philippines Army. He grew in rank through his career and had a successful career and good record in office. Reports has it that he worked in almost every part of Phillipines as well as going to training outside his home country.

Due to his fervency and dedication he was was promoted to high prominent position in the Army like lieutenant General . But the peak of his career can in 2000. In October 15, 2000 Diomedio Villanueva was the New Commanding General of the Philippines Army by President Estrada.


In 2023 he was accused of a scandal that involved Philpot USA when he was Postmaster Genaral of the Phillipines postal office but he was later declared not guilty.


Diomedio Villanueva death and Burial

After His Death, he was buried on the 4th of May 2023. Below is a photo of his Burial that was attended by the Philippines army in respect to him Chief of Staff, AFP, General Diomedio P Villanueva Sr (Ret) today, May 04 at the AFP General Headquarters.

The Vice Chief of Staff, AFP, LtGen Arthur M Cordura PAF led the military honors for the former CSAFP where he was joined by the late General’s family.

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