70 Countries where Glo operates

Let’s take a look at Globacom. Glo network which was launched in the year August 2003, by Nigerian millionaire Mike Adenuga has rapidly spread across the world, ranking among the best service providers. The telecom giants has grown into one of the best in Africa. In this article, we are going to discuss the countries where Glo operates.


Roaming, browsing and voice calls has been made easier & cheaper as Glo spreads across the world.

Initially after its launching in Nigeria, Glo operated only in Nigeria and other African countries like Ghana & Ivory coast. This factor limited the number of its users, especially those who travel across the Shores of Nigeria were unable to reach out to their loved ones.

As part of their effort to Always enrich its subscribers experience, Globacom introduced roaming services called (Glo Gateway).

Since the introduction of Glo roaming services, Glo network has circulated across over 180 countries. That’s almost every part of the world, no that is why they are reffered to as giants.


Making it easier for its users to enjoy prepaid and postpaid roaming services wherever they are around the world.

Below is the comprehensive lists of all the Countries where Glo operates. For the purpose of clarity, I’m going to list them according to continents.


Countries where Glo operates
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African countries where Glo operates

1. Nigeria

2. Cape Verde

3. Egypt

4. Benin Republic

5. Equatorial Guinea

6. Congo DR

7. Cote d’ Ivoire

8. Ethiopia

9. Niger Republic

10. Gabon


13. Mali

14. Gambia

15. South Africa

16. Benin

And other African countries which is not mentiined here.


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European Countries where Glo operates

17. United Kingdom

18. Canada

19. Norway

20. Netherlands

21. Austria

22. Ireland

23. Germany

24. Italy

25. France

26. Switzerland

27. Spain

28. Belgium

29. Turkey

30. Portugal

31.Czech Republic

32. Finland

33. Hungary

34. Denmark

35. Greece

36. Russia

37. Bulgaria

38. Bosnia & Herzegovina

39. Sweden

40. Serbia

41. Poland

42. Ireland

Including other European countries that are not included on this list.


Asian countries where Glo operates

43. Hong Kong

44. Malaysia

45. Saudi Arabia

46. UAE

47. China

48.. Japan

49. Kuwait

50. Bangladesh

51. Afghanistan

52. Lebanon

53. Vietnam

54. Macau

55. Singapore

56. Taiwan

And other Asian countries that are not listed above.


American region countries where Glo operates

57. Brazil

58. United States

59. Cayman and Grenada

60. Chile

61. Bolivia,

62. St Lucia

63. St Kitts and Nevis

64. Paraguay


Other countries where Glo operates

67. Taiwan

68. Syria

69. Philippines

70. Vietnam Taiwan.


These are the confirmed countries according to our research where Glo roams without interruption. But remember that we earlier mentioned that Glo operates in over 180 countries around the world.


Glo gateway server has proven to be reliable, as it aids users roam in different countries without distorting. It has made browsing and talking easier and faster with less expenses.


Does Glo operate in USA?

Yes, Glo network works comfortably in United States of America, France, and United Nation (UK). And also browses with 4G – lite.



Having gone through this list, It is likely to increase in the future. kindly share your Glo experience with us in the comment section below. If you are facing any problem on Glo network, also drop your problem, our experienced telecom writers wil get back to you.

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