Charles Hinga Nwaura Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Career

Charles Hinga is a Kenyan philanthropist, principal Secretary Housing & Urban development and civil servant who has contributed immensely in Kenyan economy. Contained in this article is all important information about him.


Early Life

Charles Hinga Nwaura was born on the 7th of February 1976 in Kenya. Charles is a Kikuyu and speaks English and Kiswahili fluently. Hinga grew up under the watch of his parents alongside his siblings. He speaks There he completed his primary and secondary school education before proceeding to university.



Charles is the CEO of PAMOJA CAPITAL GROUP. He has served under 2 Kenyan presidents as Principal Secretary department of Housing and Urban development. He was appointed by fr. President Uhuru Kenyatta And retained the position during William Ruto regime. He has had very long and successful stints in the Kenyan government.



Charles Hinga Nwaura was born on 7th February 1976. As of 2023 he is 47 years old. Many often says he looks way younger than his age.


New Tax Declaration 

Charles Hinga Nwaura formerly announced a new tax policy Anchored by president Ruto which stated that Kenyans will contribute 3% of their income to house funding. The announcement has since raised eyebrows and doubts. The funds which is intended to be used to bring out Kenyans from the slums.


Net worth 

He is yet to declare his assets and that makes it difficult to rightly reveal his net worth. Looking at his lifestyle and position in office, he is estimated net worth is $500,000.


Personal life

His personal life is off the public as he doesn’t bring his personal life to the media. His parents, siblings and wife is unknown as well as his children.

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