Top 15 Best Blogging YouTube chanels to Follow In 2023

I decided to explore YouTube a bit, this time around we are looking from a bloggers perspective. Many folks in the blogging firm look around searching for the best places to getting blogging tips daily especially on youtube, on our article today we are going to be sharing the best YouTube chanels for both pro and newbie bloggers.

These channels has helped a lot of people in the blogging firm to master and rank higher on Google and other search engines.

The game of blogging is changing, In the same way, new strategies are coming out daily and only the strong minded succeeds in blogging nowadays. Getting a mentor physically or online is a step ahead for any blogger looking to become Succesful.

The primary aim of owning a blog is making money with it and that is exactly why we made this post after a detailed research plus our experience.

Without wasting much time let’s dive into it. If you desire to be successful in the blogging world, these are the blogging YouTube channels you should follow.

Top 20 blogging YouTube channels

Top Blogging tips YouTube Channels to follow in 2023


Passive Income Geek

Morten Storgaard is the owner of Passive Income Geek youtube channel.

He is arguably one of the top guns in blogging in 2023. He shares blogging tips based on his personal experience. He is a successful blogger who has grown many website and is currently making above $100k from his blogs.


Caffeinated Blogger

Since joining youth on the 1st of January 2012, the channel has helped a lot of bloggers in their bogging journey. The Channels discusses latest blogging trends and Affiliate marketing tips for beginners. It currently has 265k subscribers. Subscribe to their channel for daily tips.


Ahrefs YouTube Channel

Ahrefs is an Seo company that provides search engine optimization tools for bloggers. Their tool has helped a lot of People achieve great Success on their blogs with the right keywords. Aside their tool, they also share great blogging tips on their channel about Seo, backlink and positioning. Follow them for daily blogging tips.


Income Schools

Pro blogger Ricky is a blessing to the Blogging firm. Having gone from newbie to pro in less than 4 years, Income school share fresh tips about niche Sites and Ranking. He earns above $200k Monthly on his blogs. If you are passionate about blogging Success, income is a destination for you.


Matt Digity 

The founder of teaches his subscribers the basic Search engine optimization that works. He practically shares his results with his subscribers. One good thing about him is his ability to 

Share the same thing he implements in his blogs. Do you want to become an Seo Guru? this channel is for you.


Think Media

I bet you have come across this channel on youtube. Every blogger that comes across this channel definitely hits the Subscript Button. They are team of vibrant individuals that has transformed many youtubers in the recent years. They have been around for over 10 years sharing both blogging, video editing, Affiliate marketing and other relevant tips on their Channel.


Authority Hacker

With over 25k subscribers as at when this Video was made, authority hacker is a pro in blogging tip on youtube. With a team of goal minded individuals exploring the internet on a daily basis; authority hacker is a channel to keep an eye on. They share tips on latest Google update, the top blogging trends and best keyword research strategies for bloggers. The channel is for both newbies and pros.


Create And Go

Success comes with hardwork, this youtube channel has helped me a lot and I’m excited to share with you that I have been able to grow many blogs with tips from this channel. Create and go make over $150k monthly from their blogs and they are not apologetic about it. I’d you want to own a niche site. The channel teaches you everything you need to succeed in your blog and start making money from your new blog.


Neil Patel

May folks has come out to Criticize the tips Neil Patel shares but personally I think he is a great guy. With over 16000,000 on youtube Neil is a great blogging name. His tips resonates and he is passionate about what he does. Having grown both Uber suggest and Neil Patel blog, he is one of the top gurus to look out for in the blogging firm. He talks about Seo, Backlink, Article writing and others.


Doug Cunnington

SEO is the engine of blogging and Doug knows how to tweak his article to be Seo friendly. He shares tips on his 36k subscriber channel about Backlink building, web designing, Seo and blog monetization. He currently earns above $50k monthly from his blogs.


Adsense youtube Channel

Surprised ? You shouldn’t, Adsense is an ad network which allows blogger monetize their websites. On their YouTube channel they share tips on how to get approval and in this tips are helpful contents that can help rank high on Google. I follow this channel because they are owned by Google therefore their information comes from the right source.


Niche Pursuit

The owner of Niche pursuit Spencer Haws is the creator of long tail pro and Link whisper. He is an affiliate marketing guru who has sold a lot of products via his blogs. He joined blogging in 2010 and has become a household name in the bogging world. He shares stories of people’s blogging Success on his channel as well as the best things to do as a beginner in blogging.



Lam Hassan who is the founder of H-EDUCATE is a brand guru who teaching his subscribers how to market their brand through SEO. He has over 700k students on youtube. Check out this channel for Daily blogging tips.


Fat Stacks

Although the channel has been dormant for some time but they are among the best channels for beginners. The contents on the YouTube channel makes it one of the best for newbies. Jon Dykstra is the founder who makes above $100k monthly from his blog. You can checkout his website where he share tips.


Adam Emfroy

Having grown to a 6 figure per month blogger, Adam’s Channel is one to look out for. He shares both Seo, article writing, Blogging tips, link building and many more.

He has over 2k students and he teaches the fundamentals of blogging.


Anastasia Blogger

npopular name on this list but she deserves a space after all. She started her journey in 2017 and has grown into a 7 figure per month blogger. She spends time on making research and share her finding with her subscribers. She also does wonders on pinterest.

Goodluck on your blogging journey.

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