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Zedcrest Group / Zedcrest capital daily market report. 

A photo of Zedcrest logo

Zedcrest is a Lagos based financial assistance firm. It was founded in the year 2013 by Group of individuals with the hunger to alleviate poverty not only in Nigeria but around the World. Their vision is to help small scale businesses grow. Prior to creation, their vision was to create enabling platform for international investors, Asset management. Loan disbursement and pension funds etc.


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Zedcrest capital daily market report

Due to the vasatility of their their partners its very difficult to calculate their daily market report but surely zedcrest is pulling a lot of millions daily. Below are the basic information about zedcrest.


Zedcrest services

The operation cuts across so many financial sectors. Below is a concise list of services they offer.


Non – Collateral Loan

In zedcrest, getting loan has been made easier to individuals, their first partners in this category ( Zidvance Finance limited) has given out more than a million loans to individuals/ businesses . We will teach you how to get from zedcrest.


Brokering / Market securities

Zedcrest in partnership with (Zapcap & GFI) has built a name in market securtoes to enavle foreign investors trade with trust.


Digital wealth Management

They also provide digital investment guidance to already established companies. Thereby enabling decifer areas to digitally invest on.


venture investing (Assistance)

Zedcrest also assist little ventures in Africa in capital management and business ownership /extablishments.


Zedcrest crew

The spontaneous success of zedcrest narrows down to expertise of there crew members. As clearly stated on their official website. They employ the services of professionals with experience in finance management. We made a Name – list of their current crew members in an descending order. Alongside zedcrest daily market report.

  • Group Chairman – Babatunde Adebisi Sanda
  • MD – Adebayo S. Amzat
  • Director – Oluseyi Akinb

      Non-Executive Directors

  • 1. Adebola Williams
  • 2. Stella Duru.
  • Other Management / Technical crew includes
  • 1. Ezeristus Obi – Zidvance CEO.
  • 2. Yemi Kehinde – Legal head.
  • 3.Oluwatosin Ayanfalu – Securities invest. Manager etc.


7 Countries where zedcrest operates


United States


Ivory coast





Zedcrest Group

These are their partners and benefactors.

Utiva – A Nigerian EducationTech firm.

Bento_Africa – A US based Administration firm.

Zenfix – A nutrition firm, Nigerian.

Julaya – A Fintech firm. Ivory coast.

Amara Medicare – A Nigeria Healthcare firm.

Spektra – A Fintech firm, US.

Zumi – A digital Fintech firm.

Helium – Health – A Nigerian based health firm.

Koniku – A based Healthtech firm, US.

Tagaddod – A waste management firm in Egyt.

OnePipe – A Fintech firm, Nigerian.

SOTE – A logistics firm. Kenya

Tanda – A Fintech firm, Kenya.

Tagaddod – A waste management firm in Egyt.

Fintor – A Real Estate firm, US.

Yoello – A payment platform in Kenya.

Bankly – A Fintech company. Nigeria.

Kaoshi – A Fintech firm, US.

Appruve – A Fintech firm, Ghana.

XTI Aircraft – An aviation firm, US.

Abwaab – An Education tech firm. Jordan.

Thndr – A Fintech firm in Egypt and others.

Bypa-ss – is a Healthtech firm

Lenco – A Lagos Fintech firm in Nigeria.

Indicina – A Credit firm, Nigerian.


Zedcrest contact info

To make inquirees on Zedcrest, contact them via

Email – info@zedcrestcapital.com

Phone – +234 7000004844

Address – 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


Zedcrest logo


Zedcrest vision

The main goals and vision of Zedcrest according to their new manager amzart is to talk over African digital trading market place, at same time helping in Poverty alleviation and  Financial and economical Empowerment through loans and investments assistance.


Zedcrest capital Dialy market report

Zedcrest Group is a renowned firm who employs the services of professionals, therefore zedcrest daily market report is best know to the company. Unless zedcrest decides to publicize its daily market report in future.


Zedcrest capital salary

Zedcrest salary structure remains private, its not disclosed to the public, If you are to applying for employment, I would advice you for it because it a reliable company with trace of success since 2013. Better still if insist to know their salary range their visit their office or website.



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