30 Easiest Guinness World Records To break in Nigeria 2023

In the wake of Hilda Baci’s bravery many Nigerians are eager to replicate her footsteps. It’s no longer the usual TikTok Dance trends but hilda Baci and oppened a new dimension in Nigeria. After she broke the Guinness record of Cook-a-thon Almost every Nigerian is eager to know the list of guinness records that can be broken in on Nigeria. 


To ease this ceaseless query we have decided to list out the possible and easy guiness records that can be broken by Nigerians. It will also interest you to know that breaking a world guiness record requires determination and perseverance because it’s always a hard task to accomplish. Below are 30 easiest Guinness records that can be broken.


Nigeria is a blessed nation with vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse population, is a country brimming with potential. If you believe it then choose a record here and break it regardless of its difficulty.

Here are 30 Guinness World Records that are relatively easier to attempt and potentially break:



1. Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds

The record holder for The most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds which is (28 socks) held by Pavol Durdik (Slovakia) in Púchov, Slovakia, on 10 October 2017.


2. Largest Jollof Rice Cooked & Served

The Guinness world records for the Largest Jollof Rice cooked is held by Afrochella Ghana, who cooked the world’s biggest pot of JOLLOF rice. The cooking pot for the Jollof was really huge of about 3.02 tons of rice in one large pot during the Afrochella Festival.


3. Fastest time to peel and eat three oranges.

The fastest time taken to peel and eat three oranges is 1 minute 7.94 seconds. It was achieved by Dinesh Upadhyaya (India) at Goregaon, Mumbai, India, on 25 February 2016. The Size of the oranges were (306 grams, 294 grams and 302 grams oranges)


4. Most t-shirts worn at once

According to Guinness world records website, the record for the The most t-shirts worn at once is 260, it was achieved by Canadian Ted Hastings in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, on 17 February 2019.


5. Most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a team of Two 

The record holder for the most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a team of two is 34 and it’s held by Lt Nouman Rafiq and Sheraz Sarfraz (both Pakistan) at the Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore Expo Center, Pakistan, on 21 October 2012.


6. Fastest time to pop 100 balloons using the body

The record for the fastest time to burst 100 balloons with the feet is 22.38 seconds, and was achieved by David Rush (USA), in Boise, Idaho.


7. Longest time to balance on one foot.

Another record that can be broken by Nigerians is the longest time spent balancing on one foot is 76 hours and 40 minutes, achieved by Arulanantham Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka in 1997.


8. Longest Non-stop Marathon Reading Aloud

The record is held by Rysbai Isakov, The longest marathon reading aloud is 124 hours. The record was achieved by Rysbai Isakov (Kyrgyzstan) in Bursa, Turkey. He read from 22 to 27 September 2022.


9. Longest Time Balancing a Spoon on the Nose.

The Longest Time Balancing Spoon on Nose lasted for 23.96 seconds. The record was set by Brian Pankey at Springfield, Illinois, United States on December 16, 2010.


10. Fastest time to type the alphabet backward (Single Hand)

The record will be divided into phone and Computer

For computer – The fastest time to type the alphabet backwards on a touchscreen mobile phone with single hand is 4.81 seconds. The record was was achieved by Indian Elavarasan S in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 18 September 2022.

For Mobile phone touch screen – The fastest time to type the alphabet backwards on a tablet computer (single hand) is 4.47 seconds, and was achieved by Brandon.


Guinness records you can break easily

  • Most sticky notes stuck to the face in a minute.
  • Fastest time to assemble a Mr. Potato Head.
  • Most grapes eaten in three minutes using chopsticks.
  • Fastest time to arrange a deck of cards.
  • Most hula hoop rotations in one minute.
  • Fastest time to assemble a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Most M&M’s eaten with chopsticks in one minute.
  • Most dice balanced on a cat’s paw in one minute.
  • Fastest time to pop 100 balloons using the body.
  • Most hula hoop rotations while jumping rope.
  • Longest time to spin a basketball on one finger.
  • Most consecutive paperclip chains made in one minute.
  • Fastest time to eat a bowl of Eba.
  • Longest time balancing an egg on a spoon while walking.
  • Fastest time to drink a bottle of water.
  • Most grapes caught in the mouth in one minute.

If you want your name in the Guinness book of records try the above easy Guinness records. However you to try a harder record check this list below.


Hard Guinness Records to Break

  • Longest Distance Run Barefoot
  • Fastest Time to Climb the Seven Summits
  • Most Marathons Run Continuously
  • Longest Uninterrupted Dance Party
  • Largest Gathering of People Wearing Traditional Attire
  • Longest Time Spent Riding a Bicycle
  • Largest Human Image of an Animal
  • Largest Simultaneous Tree-Planting Event
  • Longest Desert Crossing on Foot
  • Largest Gathering of Drummers
  • Largest Sand Sculpture
  • Fastest Time to Assemble a Solar Panel
  • Largest Gathering of Nollywood Stars
  • Fastest Time to Assemble a Solar Panel
  • Largest Sand Sculpture

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